Maxim and Methiu

Equator, East Pasaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Equator, East Pasaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia

I met him a few years ago, when the first time he accompanied me to my shared house. Maxim is a Yoga instructur. He teaches yoga, and went to India etc. Last years he text me that he wanted to come to Indonesia and stay here for a while but i couldn’t meet him.

i met him when i was in vocational school in the last year before go to uni 😀

I and maxim wen to zoo in Bukittinggi, then went to japanese hole in Panorama Park, he is a good guy.
And for the second meeting we made a appoitment to go to equator, i told him , that i never go there , but he wanted me to accompanied him and he would bring a map, for me was a nice experience because i never go to eqautor because of him i ever 😀

if he forced me to go , i will , and he invited his friend his name is Methiu, he was bigger than maxim , but maxim is taller than Methiu. We ent to aquator in rain condition. huuuuuuu it was cold wheater. When we came back from equator Methiu and me got lost, but i could solve that proble, only followed the red public transportasion and we are save. But for maxim and Methiu thank you very much for the lovely experience. hope we can meet again .

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