Fake tourist from Bangkok

I met someone in a museum , he is my friend’s room mate. My friend introduced him to me as a foreigner. He said that he was from Bangkok , I doubted it but I introduced with him and asked him where was he from, he said from Bangkok and I believed it 😥
How happy I’m when I thought that I met with tourist and introduced about minang kabau cuture. I think he is a good actor, really-really looked like a tourist, pretended like he didn’t know about minang kabau languange, asked me about squirrel , about traditional food, rendang, asked to to spell CINDUA … huuhf . everything looked like so natural and I never thought that someone will do that to me. But his English is very good, I love that way he lies … !!!
After I knew that he wasn’t from Bangkok I felt so mad and I didn’t know what would I do, I was shy and happy to, because I can practiced my English and I was shy because he is in same faculty with me but I don’t know him. I wondering how could I believe him 😥
When I asked him why he did it to me, he said that he made a deal with his friend that he had to pretend like a foreigner for his task. Hmmm . but why did you do it to me, I’m not his lecturer and he apologized, hmmm but that is the worst moment ever and funniest too. If I remember about that moment I will smile by myselft and I want to do something with him , but I don’t know what will I do. I want to say that he is a good actor but face to face.
Oww fake tourist from Thailand what can I do for you , and what can I tell to you, if you want to know about west sumatra and about our culture, I’m in my pleasure to tell you everything. But you are only fake tourist from Bangkok , so I have nothing to tell you NAM 😀
Eventhought I know your real name but I will keep call you NAM, because NAM is Bangkok name I think 
Don’t know what will I write again, but I’m keep trying to practice my English and writing. Hope I will fluent In english.

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