Met a young handsome doctor from England

Met Sam in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. May 15th 2014
Afternoon-evening had a nice day.
but i didnt’ take his picture , sorry 😦

When I walked around in Kampung Cina Bukittinggi I saw a tourits and greeted him, and asked about him.
His name is Sam
He is from England
He just graduated study medicine in England, and he is going to work at a hospital in England. We had a nice conversation in Bukittinggi. I accompanied him to The Clock Tower and to one of Patriot Statue around The Clock Tower. Told about what does mean KINDA as Ben said before for me.
Sam explained to me what does mean KINDA is abbreviation from Kind Of and he gave me example: Are you hungry?
Yes, I’m kind of hungry.

Then I tried to make example when I asked him about Salad for lunch, he said that he wasn’t fat, that I said
Ooowww Salad is for fat people like me?
Sam answered: you are not fat
Ria : but kind of fat
Sam : No no
Ha,,, after along time ago I thought about Kinda and now I know how do to use that word.
I get more lessons from him about boring and bored
When we use these words?
He explained to me if boring mean is not interesting
Exp: I’m boring that’s mean I’m not interesting.
We often made wrong sentences when we want to say I’m bored.
Thank you for these lessons Sam.
We walked around and went to Panorama Park to saw canyon view and mokies. Sam looked like tired man, because he was sleepy after took too much lunch in Bedudal café 😀 hmmmmm
I challenge him to came in to Japaness Hole, so deep and dark. Make my legs would broke.
The risk when we walk with hansome torists and young, you would be a photographer, because when I walked with Sam so many people asked me to take his picture and I would be a photographer. Huah .. should I ???

Met Sam was a great day. I came to Bukittinggi to spend my holiday a couple days. Hope we weill met again.
Sometime if I met tourits again I want to ask them how do to used beach and sea ??

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