Erns Scafer

I met Erns and his father in Bukittinggi, I forgor when I met them. But there was a beautiful moment. And we made a joke like a festival in Holland when they use a trouser as they hat, hahah that was unique festival. And his father put the trouser in his head and Erns said that his father was carzy . how coud a son said that his father was carzy .. but that was just a joke and we Laugh Out Loud (LOL) 😀
They bought a trouser make from Batik. Batik is khas in Indonesia. Because so many souvenir in Bukittinggi we can buy, for example: Jam Gadang Clothes, and Batik Clothes.

And so many food you can find here . example : tambusun


We met in Lereng Market in Bukittinggi, west Sumatra, Indonesia.
He came with his father and his sister, but I didn’t meet with his sister, I only met Erns and his father. Erns learns Indonesia Languange, and I could teach him .
These are our pictures, his father took it 😀 thank you to his father . I forgot his name. Sorry



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