Hunting Bule

Erns Scafer

I met Erns and his father in Bukittinggi, I forgor when I met them. But there was a beautiful moment. And we made a joke like a festival in Holland when they use a trouser as they hat, hahah that was unique festival. And his father put the trouser in his head and Erns said that his father was carzy . how coud a son said that his father was carzy .. but that was just a joke and we Laugh Out Loud (LOL) 😀
They bought a trouser make from Batik. Batik is khas in Indonesia. Because so many souvenir in Bukittinggi we can buy, for example: Jam Gadang Clothes, and Batik Clothes.

And so many food you can find here . example : tambusun


We met in Lereng Market in Bukittinggi, west Sumatra, Indonesia.
He came with his father and his sister, but I didn’t meet with his sister, I only met Erns and his father. Erns learns Indonesia Languange, and I could teach him .
These are our pictures, his father took it 😀 thank you to his father . I forgot his name. Sorry



Met a young handsome doctor from England

Met Sam in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. May 15th 2014
Afternoon-evening had a nice day.
but i didnt’ take his picture , sorry 😦

When I walked around in Kampung Cina Bukittinggi I saw a tourits and greeted him, and asked about him.
His name is Sam
He is from England
He just graduated study medicine in England, and he is going to work at a hospital in England. We had a nice conversation in Bukittinggi. I accompanied him to The Clock Tower and to one of Patriot Statue around The Clock Tower. Told about what does mean KINDA as Ben said before for me.
Sam explained to me what does mean KINDA is abbreviation from Kind Of and he gave me example: Are you hungry?
Yes, I’m kind of hungry.

Then I tried to make example when I asked him about Salad for lunch, he said that he wasn’t fat, that I said
Ooowww Salad is for fat people like me?
Sam answered: you are not fat
Ria : but kind of fat
Sam : No no
Ha,,, after along time ago I thought about Kinda and now I know how do to use that word.
I get more lessons from him about boring and bored
When we use these words?
He explained to me if boring mean is not interesting
Exp: I’m boring that’s mean I’m not interesting.
We often made wrong sentences when we want to say I’m bored.
Thank you for these lessons Sam.
We walked around and went to Panorama Park to saw canyon view and mokies. Sam looked like tired man, because he was sleepy after took too much lunch in Bedudal café 😀 hmmmmm
I challenge him to came in to Japaness Hole, so deep and dark. Make my legs would broke.
The risk when we walk with hansome torists and young, you would be a photographer, because when I walked with Sam so many people asked me to take his picture and I would be a photographer. Huah .. should I ???

Met Sam was a great day. I came to Bukittinggi to spend my holiday a couple days. Hope we weill met again.
Sometime if I met tourits again I want to ask them how do to used beach and sea ??

Maxim and Methiu

Equator, East Pasaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Equator, East Pasaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia

I met him a few years ago, when the first time he accompanied me to my shared house. Maxim is a Yoga instructur. He teaches yoga, and went to India etc. Last years he text me that he wanted to come to Indonesia and stay here for a while but i couldn’t meet him.

i met him when i was in vocational school in the last year before go to uni 😀

I and maxim wen to zoo in Bukittinggi, then went to japanese hole in Panorama Park, he is a good guy.
And for the second meeting we made a appoitment to go to equator, i told him , that i never go there , but he wanted me to accompanied him and he would bring a map, for me was a nice experience because i never go to eqautor because of him i ever 😀

if he forced me to go , i will , and he invited his friend his name is Methiu, he was bigger than maxim , but maxim is taller than Methiu. We ent to aquator in rain condition. huuuuuuu it was cold wheater. When we came back from equator Methiu and me got lost, but i could solve that proble, only followed the red public transportasion and we are save. But for maxim and Methiu thank you very much for the lovely experience. hope we can meet again .

Chris Van Moorsel

At Pecel Lele, Bukittingi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

At Pecel Lele, Bukittingi, West Sumatra, Indonesia
At Pecel Lele, Bukittingi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

I’ll tell about the second tourist. His name is Chris he is from Amsterdam. I met him a few years ago for the first time, but he always comes to Indonesia every year and when he comes to Indonesia He text me. Then make an appointment to meet at Turret Café, when I ordered food for dinner, I was in wrong menu for dinner, because Chris said that Sandwich is menu for breakfast in Holland.

Ria : Chris what kind of menu for breakfast in Holland?
Chris : Like you are eating right now.
Ria : Really?
Chris : Yes.
Ria : So I ordered the wrong menu Chris.
Chris : Hahah

Then for the next dinner, I didn’t order Sandwich again but I ordered Satay with Beef. He is like my grandfather, when I near him I feel like I was with my grandfather, My grandfather passed away 4 years ago.

Last year I met him, and we got dinner at Pecel Lele, we met we always hug like father and his daughter but Chris has a big body.

Two years ago, Chris gave me a notebook from Holland, and last year he gave me clothes from Holland. But its too big for me, Chris bought me one with XS (extra small) size but it’s still big for me. He said that he comes to Indonesia again this year, as usually he comes in Ramadhan, and he can find me in Pasar Atas because I always spent my vacation in Bukittinggi while working in Pasat Atas as a seller in one of shop in Pasar atas.

When i met Ben, july 27th 2012

At the clock tower, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia

At the Clock Tower, Bukittinggi , West Sumatra, Indonesia

I met him around two years ago in July. That was my unforgettable memory, I’ll tell you the way I met him, when I was looking for food in Pasar Atas I saw a couple of tourist and I asked to my sister to greeted them, and she said “okay but if they talk to me and I don’t understand I’ll ask you “ and I answered “okay “. She greeted them. Then we started conversation with them.

They wanted buy a hand phone only used to make a reservation, and I accompanied them. After we found a hand phone, they wanted and we got the price but unfortunately, they did not bring cash money and they left their money in hotel, they were stay at The Hill Hotel and I told to the owner of store to come back tomorrow. Ops sorry I forgot to tell you their name, his name is Collin and his wife I forgot her name.

Our conversation in a counter (hand phone store)

Collin : We got one and the price but we only bring Rp 200.000 in cash can I pay this by credit card Ria? Because of we left our cash money in Hotel and only bring credit card.
Ria : Where is the hotel?
Collin : The Hill Hotel, maybe we will come back tomorrow Ria to buy it after tracking around
Ria : Okay I’ll tell them

I said to the owner of store to come back tomorrow and we walked to The Clock Tower and talked about their children.

Mrs. Collin : Our son learns Indonesian Language
Ria : Really?
Mrs. Collin : Yes, maybe we can meet tomorrow and introduce him to you
Ria : Okay, where is your son right now?
Mrs. Collin : In Hotel
Collin : Just give me your number and I will text you tomorrow, and we can meet in The Clock Tower around
Ria : Oh, okay 085363076050 that’s my phone number
Collin : Okay Ria see you tomorrow
Mrs. Collin : See you
Ria : See you

Then we went and waited for tomorrow to met their son. I like to speak with English people and American. Around Collin text me with United Kingdom (UK) number’s and said that they were going to be late but I did not replay his message because I thought that was UK number’s if I replay that was expensive.

I waited them in The Clock Tower and met with Mrs. Collin and his son and she introduced her son to me, his name is Ben.

Mrs. Collin : Hi Ria, He is Ben my son I told you before
Ria : Hallo
Ben : Hallo

Ben gave me his hand to shake hand but I ignored because my hand was dirty, because I broke one’s fast, I fasted. I continued eating while Mrs. Collin and Ben were waiting for Mr. Collin and his daughter, her name is Charlotte. After I finished my food and Mr. Collin and Charlotte came then we came back to buy a hand phone again and we went to Simpang Raya Restaurant for dinner, we had nice conversation in restaurant until Mrs. Collin and Charlotte came back to hotel but Collin and Ben kept with me. We spent our time in The Clock Tower, sat in the park of The Clock Tower. We made a joke; I love the moment when I talked that I had acnes in my face and he said a romantic sentence for me.

Ria : Ben I have acnes in my face.
Ben : Never mind, inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, because outer beauty will go with your age.
Ria : What about you Ben, which one is your choice between inner beauty or outer beauty?
Ben : I prefer inner beauty than outer beauty
Ria : You are romantic Ben.

Collin left us in The Clock Tower because he wanted to rent a car.

We have a nice conversation until I accompanied him to his hotel with my sister too. So many stories I can tell about him I do not know why, maybe I like him. We still keep communication and call Jelek as our lovely name when he said me Jelek I will answer with this, let see our conversation.

Ben : Jelek
Ria : Even though I am ugly, you still miss me!
Ben : You are not ugly I just kidding, you are beautiful
Ria : I knew that I am beautiful since I was born.
Ben : You are right Ria

I always force Ben to come back to Indonesia again, I do not know why, but he is a good man, and his father is a doctor and he is going to be a doctor too, he took medicine at Cambridge University right now.

After we spent our time in The Clock Tower, Ben stayed in Lake Maninjau for a couple days but we still kept contact by phone, I asked him to phone me before I went to sleep. I text Ben when he was in Lake Maninjau and he would call me, I felt like we are in lovelorn, phone each other during he was in Indonesia.

I asked him about his culture, this is our conversation

Ria : Ben I want to know, about your culture first. Let me know
Ben : Well, what to say about Britain, it’s very highly populated for its size and so there are many quite large cities. There is a benefits system, which means that everyone can earn a minimum of about £10000 a year, it’s warm and wet in the summer but cold and dry in the winter. In the south where I live, there are mainly British people but in London there is a majority of foreign people who come over for our benefit system and better style of living. There are two major national festivals: Christmas and Easter, both are Christian and there is a period of holiday. It is a legal requirement to stay in education until you are 18 and then you can either go to university or get a job. The British people are usually very eccentric and know what they want. That is about all I can think to write down. If you want to know anything else just ask.
Ria : I interested that the British people are eccentric and know what they want. Could you tell me more about the British people? I really-really wonder about that.
Ben : Umm well, we are what you could say a stubborn people, we know what we want and we usually know what we need to get it. Eccentric means very straightforward or forward thinking so this again links in with the idea that we know what we want and what we need to do to get it. No deviations!
Ria : I agree with stubborn people like you.
Ben : Haha indeed like me.

Too much story about Ben, I can’t tell completely. However, I wish I can meet him again, stay in Indonesia, be a handsome doctor if in Indonesia like Dr. Ryan Thamrin, he said he want to come back to Indonesia again to see a sun and to see me. He is the greatest tourists I ever met and he said “you are the greatest Indonesian too Ria “.

This is a little conversation between Ben and me. Still many conversation again but I can’t write that because that is too long. This is our Conversation by social media after he came back to UK.

Ria : What are u doing now? How is about your study and your Indonesian Language?
Ben : Good I’m still at school studying, my last year until university hopefully! Indonesia Language is okay, I am trying to keep it relatively fluent what about you?
Ria : I’m still in college. Hope you will graduate with good score and get best university.
Ria : Jelek, my English is bad now, I don’t practice
Ben : Haha you need to find more tourists then!
Ria : Hmmmm,,, I don’t like to find a tourist right now.
Ben : Why not?
Ria : I don’t know
Ben : Oh well
Ria : I don’t like see western right now, they just friend when they near us after that they will forget us. Yah
Ben : Not forget, .I have nothing to say, what’s more is I can’t come back soon due to and that’s unfortunate but that is life

I think that was a worse sentence I ever say to him. If I still keeping talk about Ben I think, I will never finish this story.
Talk about our farewell at The Hill Hotel. That was nice experience when we hugged each other.

At The Hill Hotel, West Sumatra, Indonesia

At The Hill Hotel, West Sumatra, Indonesia

At The Hill Hotel, West Sumatra, Indonesia

At The Hill Hotel, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Ben : How do if farewell in Indonesia?
Ria : Shake hand Ben
Ben : If in England, we hug
Ria : Okay Ben, hug me

After we had shake hand and we hugged for the first and for the last time. I really-really miss him so much.